Monday, November 26, 2012

Year #2

I have not updated my blog in quite a while now. Since my last blog post I have celebrated Thanksgiving, Halloween, and made it through the first quarter of my last school year in Mongolia. Peace Corps year #2 is much easier than first year. The weather doesn’t seem as cold (low is -20F right now), holidays are easier to get through, classes run much smoother, and life in general in Mongolia is much more pleasant. This is simply because of the fact that everything is no longer a mystery. I am mentally prepared for the things to come and it feels good. To all of those PCV’s out there struggling to get through your first year, it gets easier!!!

Instead of fretting about things that seem trivial now(weather, food, living conditions, language) I can focus on my work and extracurricular activities. I recently started a step team at my school. My students are enjoying it immensely and have even begun to create their own routines. At the end of the school year we will have a concert in Bagahangai and UB to raise money for the school and promote healthy living (exercise through dance). Sorry for the short entry. I have to get back to class.

15 months down 7 more to go! Enjoy the pics and the video! 

My counterpart and I decorated the classroom for our best class at the end of the quarter.

Everyday if a class was good and completed all of the homework they got a sticker. At the end of the quarter the class with the most stickers got a prize. 8th grade won. This chart has actually worked really well. Overall the students are more well-behaved and motivated. 

8th Grade students 
My best students practicing the step routine. 

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  1. Hi Marikaa, Enjoy reading your Peace Corps experience in Mongolia. I have been to the Great Wall of China but not to Mongolia. Have you ever send postcards from Mongolia. If yes, hope you can send me a postcard from Mongolia - I will be happy to send to you or anyone in Mongolia a postcard from Penang island if you like. If possible, please email me at and I will send you my email address. Thanks. SL Liew :)